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Latest designs in leather jewelry -- like nothing you've ever seen before.

Welcome to Raw Leather Gallery

By leathergallery · April 13, 2009 · 0 Comments ·

As an artist, interior decorator and jewelry designer, I'm drawn to everything creative. The Raw Leather Gallery is dedicated to bringing you style and fashion of all kinds.  I spend hours searching the web for real things for real people. If you see something you like, just hover and -- CLICK -- I'll take you right to the source!  Check back often for posts on fashion, home style and decor -- and, of course, items from my galleries -- enjoy!

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Obsessed with Cuffs ... Part IV

By leathergallery · May 23, 2009 · 0 Comments ·

This is the final post in my four-part special "Obsessed with Cuffs."  We've explored some amazing pieces in this series -- each with their own look, feel, style and class -- each beautiful in their own right.

I don't think my obsession with cuffs will ever end -- I'll always be scouring the web for new artisans and new pieces -- because cuffs make a statement like no other piece of jewelry.

With that, I present my final post ... a simple picture gallery with cuffs of all types, materials and sizes.  I pay homage to jewelry artists everywhere with a passion to create ... and to the unique treasures they give us to make our own.

I encourage you to browse and click on the cuffs that catch your eye -- each is linked directly to original artisans website -- each just waiting to adorn your wrist in big, bold, beautiful style!  

Enjoy "Obsessed with Cuffs ... Part IV"







Obsessed with Cuffs ... Part III

By leathergallery · May 16, 2009 · 0 Comments ·

Thank you for the overwhelming response to my current blog series!  

"Make Mine Metal" ...

... that's the mantra of the next part of "Obsessed with Cuffs ... Part III."  We'll be looking at all different types and styles of cuffs with a common theme -- they're all handcrafted from or enhanced with metal.

The very nature of metal creates a substantial look and feel in jewelry -- especially in a cuff.  Silver, copper, brass ... they all command attention and give you that "Zena-like" feeling of power.  The cuffs presented in today's article are no exception ... each artisan has brought a special flair to their pieces -- but, each in a different way.  Some are contemporary, some ornate -- but each is guaranteed to be a terrific addition to the treasured pieces in your jewelry collection.  Just remember to say ...

"Make Mine Metal" ...

Introducing  Mara Joyce Designs with a contemporary piece entitled

Sterling Silver Woven Cuff

This wide cuff is comprised of alternating strips of hammered and smooth sterling silver -- tapering on one end to form a wonderful asymmetrical shape.

The hefty sterling strips secure a study piece of art -- not flimsy or bendable ... yet very comfortable.  The edges are all buffed and sanded silky smooth.  Who can resist this amazing bling, bling candy for the arm?

$145 from Mara Joyce Designs



Here's a unisex creation from  Mocahete called Off the Cuff 2

This artisan started with two pieces of copper -- brazed them together with sterling silver and drew over the surface to create a unique composition of textures.

Truly a one-of-a-kind cuff that measures 1 5/8" wide -- this piece has enough depth and character to compliment a wide array of clothing choices.


$52 from Mochaete



Want a beautiful bouquet for your wrist?   trystbykerry 

brings us luscious layers of golden brass and copper flowers -- stacked and secured onto a raw brass cuff bracelet.

This chic floral bracelet is composed from vintage metal works. Aged scuff marks prove the article genuine with rare vintage brass and copper metal flower petals ...

You can purchase the

bronze bouquet  for only $60 from




Here's another wrist corsage designed by Lin Javalera -- visit  simplylin

for a cuff called Envy

Delight yourself with this formal cuff -- meant to be worn wrapped around your wrist.  Wire and a brass rose centerpiece are the metals in this cuff ... flanked by Swarovski crystal and fire polished leaves with Czech glass. 

Pick up the delicate floral bouquet ... for $75

from  simplylin



Bold -- yet feminine ResurrectingVictoria presents Wristlet VR32

Beautiful, lightweight and comfortable, this vintage pleated brass cuff is adorned with a vintage brass dress clip of layered leaves.  Atop the leaves the artist placed a delicate, tiny cameo to complete the ensemble.

The adjustable bracelet cuff is 1 7/8" wide and flattering to every wrist size ...

Purchase Wristlet VR32 for only $45 from




Last up is a celtic design from refreshingdesigns captioned

Bleeding Heart

One of the most recent creations in a new line called "Celtic Wrappings" ... this simple wire wrap cuff bracelet is adorned with a sparkling Swarovski bicone crystal and is slightly adjustable to fit the wrist. 

Everyone can afford this traditional treat at only $12.99 from refreshingdesigns



"Obsessed with Cuffs ... Part III" finishes here -- but, the series continues.  Check my site again next week for more beautiful and handcrafted cuffs -- I promise some new, fun and exciting designs are coming ...

Obsessed with Cuffs ... Part II

By leathergallery · May 9, 2009 · 0 Comments ·

Welcome back -- you're in for another treat!  I believe you will enjoy the next part of my series "Obsessed with Cuffs ... Part II."  This time we'll be exploring works of art in more subtle and calming colors -- but, none less intriguing!

Cuffs come in all shapes, sizes, textures and colors and you can wear them with any outfit to make a visual statement of style.  Today we're starting with a beautiful little gem in a medium that is near and dear to my heart -- leather!


Introducing etrelles's of South Florida and a darling little cuff entitled

Blue Fish Under Yellow Cuff

Stunning shimmery blue fish hide with a soft, sueded texture -- like a boutique tissue paper!  The exotic blue pattern is set under a pale metallic yellow alligator embossed leather with a smooth, slick texture.  The cuff is lined in a soft beige suede.

Wear it with your favorite pair of faded blue jeans or a sweet little sun dress.

This is truly a one of a kind companion for your wrist!

Only $26 from



Next -- natural, woodsy and very different, bettula brings us

a  Birch Bracelet Cuff

Made from white birch bark, the art of this piece is the natural raised markings on one side of the bracelet and the pretty, yet subtle pastel colors mixed throughout the cuff.

This unusual wooden beauty can be worn with natural brown tones, whites or off-whites or simple pastel cottons to reinforce that natural vibe.  Each handmade piece is one of a kind and is sure to be a real conversation starter.  How can you resist?  And I wouldn't hesitate to visit the artisan to see more wonderful cuffs in different wood hues.


$30 from Bettula




Who says beaded bracelets are boring?  duality designs

takes it up a notch with layers of seed pearls, Swarovski crystals, fresh water pearls and sterling silver beads -- wrapped into dense layers to form this wonderfully textured bracelet cuff.

Hours of work and yards of fine gauge sterling silver wire went into creating this sparkling little beauty ...

You can purchase the

Sand and Sea Cuff for only $65 from

duality designs



I'm really excited about this next one,  Monicaj created a freeform crocheted cuff

called  Beyond Obsession

During a trip to the Quartz Mountain Wild Flower Festival, the artisan found a box of vintage lace and it inspired her to create this one of kind charmer.  

Rows and rows of seven different types of old lace are cut and knotted to make this super fluffy cuff.  What texture -- it captures your attention with love at first site.  The addition of three vintage buttons complete the piece.  Another sure conversation starter at nearly 2 inches wide and approximately 7 1/4 inches long; the cuff is cozy and comfortable with a little bit of stretch to it.

Snatch it up for yourself at only

$59  from  Monicaj



Soft, ultra feminine and absolutely delicious  willowbunny

goes warm and fuzzy with felt and a big iridescent lilac and silver glass button -- creating contrast in texture for this perfect little cuff.

The gray heathered wool is "wet felted" with a ruffled edge.  It wraps around the wrist almost twice to enhance the effect --measuring 3 inches at the widest part ...

Snag the

Big Button Cuff for only $29 from




Last, but not least, this little cutie comes from   Dillavou Designs

captioned  Totally Butterriffic


Stunning little Czech glass beads of butterflies, flowers and leaves are lovingly woven through a raw copper wire cuff ... a smaller, light and airy little piece of art that will compliment more of those beautiful spring pastels in your wardrobe.  

Catch it at only  $20  from  Dillavou Designs


And that winds down "Obsessed with Cuffs ... Part II."

But it's not the end of the series -- check my site again for another addition to this collection of cuffs next week.

Obsessed with Cuffs ... Part I

By leathergallery · May 9, 2009 · 0 Comments ·

Well, I guess the secret is out ... I have an obsession with cuffs!  And not just ordinary cuffs -- extraordinary cuffs ... beaded cuffs, metal cuffs, fabric cuffs, leather cuffs ... 

But, the real secret is that -- most of all -- I love handmade cuffs.  There's nothing like the work of an indie artisan.  You don't see their stuff in a department store, you don't see their stuff in the mall -- that's because their stuff isn't "stuff" -- it's ART.  Unique, beautiful, colorful, wonderful -- like nothing else you've ever seen before -- ART.  They take pride in their craft; they spend countless hours on their pieces -- because theirs is a labor of love.  And when the final touch is applied, they give the world something to marvel over.  But, the best part about it -- I get to adorn my wrist with their treasures!

This is Part I of a multi-part series dedicated to the obsure artists I have spent sleepless nights trying to find.  I've selected these pieces because of the color selection, composition, texture, creativity or unique presentation.  Some are simple, yet elegant ... some are involved and intricate ... but, each one commands attention in it's own unique way.

So, get ready for a treat and enjoy "Obsessed with Cuffs ... Part I" -- but, don't forget to check back for the next parts -- because I wouldn't want you to miss a thing! 


Obsessed with Cuffs ... Part I

First up, TotallyTwisted brings us

The Bronze Age Peyote Cuff                                                             



I love how the red and brown colors play against each other in this cuff ... and the beadwork is truly amazing.

So when I flipped through my notebook of "keepers" -- this handbeaded cuff definitely made the grade.

Only $50 from







Next up, AddictionToDetail presents

a  Ruffled Copper Bracelet

This ruffled cuff bracelet is not a “shy” piece of jewelry.  It’s ruffled edges and textured surface will get everyone's attention.

This unusual solid copper cuff bracelet curves outwards from the center to give it real flair.  The face of the cuff has a slight satin finish and the back has a highly reflective surface for contrast.  Handmade -- not cast -- fabricated using chasing and hammering techniques.

Quite a different look for ruffles and absolutely gorgeous!

$60 from AddictionToDetail 



Who says an artisan cuff has to be expensive?   islandgirlartplay  

gives us a different spin on this cuff with gold painted black leather frames and heavy duty hand painted cotton.  A "very cool" indie design that measures 2 1/2" in width and deserves to be worn by a girl or guy with attitude!  It's "LOUD" to say the least and screams FUN ...


You can steal this original for   

only $20 from 





Well, I hope you enjoyed "Obsessed with Cuffs ... Part I" -- and remember to check back, I promise the rest of the series will not disappoint you.

Mother Earth -- Natural tones for you to wear ...

By leathergallery · May 9, 2009 · 0 Comments ·
At only $16 -- these leather earrings
go with absolutely everything!

Check our secret source:

No one does natural tones like mother nature. Soft and feminine in an earthy fashion, everyone looks good in her world! Don't pass up the featured earrings -- click the secret source link to get yourself a pair today!

If You Got It, Spend It!

By leathergallery · May 4, 2009 · 0 Comments ·

Versace Platform Clogs

$675.00 by Versace at Saks Fifth Avenue

Sleek, stylish and sexy ...

these Versace beauties

will turn more than a few heads.

Hey  --  "If you got it, spend it!"

"Click" the shoe -- go directly to the source!

That Classic Little Black Dress

By leathergallery · May 2, 2009 · 0 Comments ·

Everyone needs that classic little black dress

in their closet ... click one and build your wardrobe

around it!


By leathergallery · May 1, 2009 · 0 Comments ·

Oh so Juicy Bags ... a la Couture ...

By leathergallery · April 23, 2009 · 0 Comments ·

You asked, I listened ... here's a collection of Juicy Couture handbags for all tastes and sizes. From a small clutch to a large tote -- and everything in between -- this amazing ensemble is sure to please the Juicy lover in all of us! Hover over your favorite & click -- you'll go right to the source ...

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